GRNSW is pleased to announce that the independent assessment of the safety of the Lismore Greyhound Racing Track has now been completed and that the track will re-open for trialling and racing from Wednesday, 23 January 2019. This follows the closure of the Lismore track on 17 January 2019 as a result of unacceptably high levels of major injuries and fatalities over the past 12 months.

On 18 January 2019, an expert panel (constituted by Professor David Eager of UTS, Scott Robins of Greyhound Racing Victoria and David Aldred of GRNSW) conducted a thorough inspection of the Lismore track and concluded that it is suitable for greyhound racing and trialling, having paramount regard to the safety and welfare of racing greyhounds. The expert panel found that catastrophic injuries at the track in 2019 were the result of non-track related causes.  In light of the expert panel’s findings, GRNSW will permit the Lismore track to re-open.

GRNSW re-affirms its ongoing commitment to animal welfare and safety and will continue to monitor racing at the Lismore track for any potential issues with track condition or design.