The Greyhound Transition Taskforce has this week released a survey online seeking stakeholders feedback as to transitional arrangements.

The survey comes off the back of legislation which passed NSW Parliament last week, which seeks to close the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry from July 1, 2017.

Transition dates are still to be determined for breeding, training and ownership, for which the survey seeks views.

The NSW Greyhound Racing Industry Alliance, which will specifically contribute to the process via Race Clubs, as well as directly to Coordinator General, Dr. John Keniry, believe:

• So to allow proper transition, for the purpose of providing greyhounds for racing interstate breeding should be permitted until July 1, 2019.
• Greyhounds should be permitted to be trained; in accordance with best practice codes; until July 1, 2021 with a view that they could

Be transferred interstate for training or
Be trained in NSW but raced interstate

• Ownership of a greyhound to be permitted indefinitely, with licensing to support

Additionally, while legislation currently provides for the cessation of racing in NSW will occur at July 1, 2017, the Alliance believes that a more appropriate approach would be to allow racing for a further two years so to allow greyhounds which are born as a result of matings prior to July 7, 2016 the opportunity to race.

“We intend engaging further with the Government on this matter, despite the date being set in legislation,” stated NSW GBOTA Chief Executive, Brenton Scott.

“Participants that purchased pups, bred or had bitches mated prior to July 7, 2016, did so in the belief that their greyhounds would be able to race in NSW.

“It follows that if good faith negotiation is to apply to the transitional arrangements that the needs of these greyhounds need to be considered.

“They simply will not be able to all be transferred interstate so the argument to a more flexible approach to the cessation of racing date is very strong,” Scott said.