The NSW GBOTA is today thankful, relieved and pleased at the decision by the Government to reverse the ban on the industry.  


“We are appreciative and thankful that this decision has been made. This has been a very difficult time for so many people whose lives were overturned by this ban,” said Brenton Scott, Executive Officer, NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers’ Association (GBOTA). 


“The ban was devastating for so many communities and families and we are thankful that the Government has listened and responded. We are now completely committed to making the people of NSW proud of their greyhound industry.


“NSW now has the opportunity to set world’s best practice standards for the industry. We will continue the process of reform that is already underway.


“We look forward to being a part of the Greyhound Industry Reform Panel that the Government is establishing to continue the evolution of the industry. Our understanding is that the advisory panel will now determine the guidelines and commitments that regulate the industry.


“The Alliance has brought this industry together and unified us. This willingness to collaborate and work together with external stakeholders will serve us well now as the industry moves forward.


"The NSW GBOTA has been critical in the work of the Alliance, and have acted on behalf of it's members in the most progressive way possible.


“We thank the NSW public for their overwhelming support and trust and faith they have shown in us as an industry.


Through the Alliance, the NSW GBOTA has made four guarantees of action, demonstrating the industry’s commitment to reform, and these will assist the advisory panel to set the standards for the industry.


These guarantees are:

  • A controlled breeding programme.
  • Total life cycle management of all our greyhounds including greyhounds unable to race and retired greyhounds.
  • Zero tolerance for animal cruelty, including live baiting, punishable by a life time ban for any infringement.
  • Provision of the safest possible racing environment to eliminate avoidable injury.

Media speculation by the ABC and Channel 9 has created a high level of industry concern around track closures, breeding bonds and caps. The NSW GBOTA reassures members that no deals have been done, that as an industry we head into the next phase of industry reform seeking to better the industry for our members and participants, which is inline with wider community expectations.